General FAQs

Q: What all is happening during convention?

A: Check out our schedule with all the events and whats happening during your stay in Tucson

Q: I’m flying into the Tucson airport, how can I get to the hotel?

A: Short answer, we got you covered. Tucson #82 members will be shuttling you to and from the airport, make sure your information is up to date when you register and a member will reach out to coordinate pickup and drop off as we get closer to convention. For all other transportation information, check out out “Getting Here” page.

Q: I’ve been wearing sweatpants and the same t-shirt for a year. What should I pack when I come to convention?

A: Tucson in the summer is HOT, but luckily our outdoor activities will either be during the night or next to a pool. For full details on themes and what to pack, check out the What to Pack page.

Q: I have a question not on this list, who should I contact?

A: Drop us a line at and we’ll get your question answered ASAP.

Hotel/Booking FAQs

Q:  Why is it so stinking important that I book my room ASAP?

A:  We have a set number of rooms reserved in our room block.  Once those rooms are filled, sorry cowboys and cowgirls… There is no guarantee we can reserve more rooms at the discounted rate. You may be that slacker sleeping at the Motel 6 down the road.

Q:  I’m nervous, I’ve been burned before.  If I reserve my hotel room right now, will I be charged anything?

A:  No!  Nada!  Zilch!  If you reserve your hotel room right now, there is no charge of any sort to your card.  You will not be charged anything until you physically check in at the front desk.

Q:  Yeah, yeah, yeah…. But what if I change my mind and need to cancel my reservation?

A.  No problemo!  You can cancel your reservation up to 5 days before your arrival date and not be charged even one peso.  Even if you cancel within, they only charge one night. (No charge if you have a positive Covid test.)

Q:  I like to live dangerously, is there a cutoff date?

A:  There in fact is. If, and that’s a big if, there are still rooms available, the last day you can book at the group rate is June 1st. But be warned, the block may already be full!

Q:  Okay, so maybe it’s not a good idea to wait.  Do I need to be registered for convention first?

A:  Nope!  You can reserve your hotel room first, guarantee your discounted rate, and then pay for your convention registration later!  Just don’t leave us hanging too long…

Q:  Fine, I’m nervous but I trust you and I’m ready to book.  What is my next step?

A:  Stop it, I’m blushing.  All you have to do is mosey on over to this link and follow the easy steps.  If you need any assistance just reach out to one of us from the good ol’ #82, aka “The Dirty-T”. We’re happy to help!

Tin Cup Open FAQs

Q:  Will transportation be provided?
A: A seat on the first bus trip is guaranteed for the first 54 registrants. While the bus will circle around after initial drop off, Ubers and similar rides are available to 4th Ave. The final departure time from 4th Avenue back to La Paloma is 10:30pm

Q:  Can we drink on the bus?
A:  No, but it’s a short ride.  Plenty of alcohol on both ends.

Q:  Where is the event happening?
A:  The event will occur at various bars along 4th Avenue near downtown.  The main bar will be Boxyard.

Q:  Will food and drink be provided?
A:  Each player will get one Sonoran hot dog covered.  Other food and drinks can be purchased separately at various bars and restaurants nearby.

Q:  How many people on a team? 
A:  There will be 4 people per team.  You can form your own team or we’ll group you with others.

Q:  Do I have to complete the full course?
A:  No.  You are welcome to explore other parts of 4th Ave and downtown whenever you’re finished playing.  Just remember, the last bus leaves at 10:30pm.

Q:  Can I bring my own putter?
A:  I mean, sure.  We’re not responsible if someone takes it…

Gala Dinner FAQs

Q:  Where will the runway be set up? Spotted!

A:  Welcome to the most elite party of the season. Dress to impress in your best white garb and polish your bling! Iced Out in the Desert is our theme this year and it is sure to cool you down. 

Q:  I am too cool for my EPI pen, what’s on the menu?

A:  Be sure to fill out dietary restrictions when you register, options will be provided to accommodate.