National convention means it’s time for elections, and what better way to grease the wheels of democracy than to provide some fun and entertainment to your fellow twenty-thirtians? This is why we’re bringing back the time-honored tradition of blue rooms.

What is a blue room?

A blue room is a hotel suite that candidates running for an elected position can bid on against their political opponents where they will host an event in order to sway the opinion of the electorate in their favor on Friday night. There will be two blue rooms available to bid on this year.

What you decide to do with your blue room is up to you! We will have members of the Tucson Active 20-30 Club ready and willing to assist you in setting up your Saturday night soiree.

How much does it cost?

Bidding for each of the blue rooms will start at $150, all proceeds from this auction will go directly to charity. Anything you would like to have in this room (decorations, food and beverage, entertainment, etc) will all be out of pocket. But remember, the more entertaining your blue room, the more people may consider you for that elected position.

How do I bid on a blue room?

If you’re interested in bidding on a blue room simply fill out the bid submission form.

What are the current bids?

Blue Room 1 – $150 (Starting bid)
Blue Room 2 – $150 (Starting bid)