All sets of chaperones will be one male and one female for the comfort and safety of members. They are here to escort you from wherever you are if you’re feeling intoxicated, unwell, or uncomfortable for any reason, back to you hotel room. Here are their names, times, and phone numbers:

Thurs = Set 1 of chaperones from 10pm to 1am
Nick – (661) 432-0430
Amanda – (707) 755-1795

Thurs = Set 2 of chaperones from 10pm to 1am
Trevor – (520) 867-1114
Jazlin – (707) 481-5582

Friday = 1 set of chaperones from 3pm to 7pm
Michael “Ginny” Gingras – (520) 460-7016
Jazlin – (707) 481-5582

Friday = 1 set of chaperones from 9pm to 1am
Chase Bernhardt – (919) 740-8794
Joellene Vakulich – (530) 558-9062

Saturday 1 set of chaperones from 7pm to 1am
Nick – (661) 432-0430
Joellene Vakulich – (530) 558-9062

Chaperones will have a walkie talkie identifying themselves to members. Chaperones on duty will have their phone numbers available to members should they need to be contacted. The National Convention WhatsApp chat will also be monitored.

Chaperones will help with food, safety, water, and sunscreen and escort members to the Hospitality Suite or their room as necessary.

Please report anything suspicious to the WhatsApp chat, hotel security, call the front desk by hitting “Emergency” on your room phone, or the contacting any of chaperones on duty.

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable time here in the Dirty-T!